If there were a hurricane bearing down on Virginia Beach
and you were evacuating, what would be the things that
you would save? Most people would say family photos.
How are your photos saved? I don’t know about you but in
the last few years many boxes of family photos keep
floating my way. I guess that’s because of my interest in
genealogy. Also, I did just visit my twin brother and scan
about 300 images he had of us and our family. Once I scan
them, I’d better have a place to put them or I am wasting
my time.
Learn the Lessons of Hurricane Sandy- Marcia Hart
   April 22     1-3 pm
Please don’t think that I have all of my images saved and
organized. I have photos in big tubs, boxes, digitized on the
computer, on CD’s and on thumb drives. I am now at the
point of figuring out the ICloud to have another back up. I
certainly am not finished, and at this point I don’t know if I
will ever be, but finding a particular image to share with
family and friends is great fun. It can start some interesting
conversations on Facebook, and I like putting them on
Ancestry to share with the online community.
Let’s talk about getting your precious family photos
organized in a format that is easily transportable and one
that you can use to find the images you would like to share
at the next family reunion or online.
First, we will talk about and demonstrate scanning. Next,
we’ll look at an easy dating system to keep your digitized
or paper system from taking over your closets and storage
If you are on top of your photo organizational project,
please bring an album or share the system that is working
for you.  By Marcia Hart, Pungo-Blackwater Library Staff
Marcia Hart and family circa 1963